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Our professional service unleashes real awesome humans who have comedy and voice acting backgrounds to pull off our prank calls. This means every prank call will be live, unique, dynamic, engaging, very believable and completely real. This makes the prank call impact insanely better than the other services out there. Learn more about what makes us unique and totally worth it in our F.A.Q.


Use the order form below to request a prank call plan! We will then contact you and devise the custom prank call together.


We will assign the best-suited comedian to pull it off. Wait until we punk your target. Once the prank call has been unleashed, we will let them know that it was just a prank & that they had been setup by someone that they know.


Listen to the prank call recording we sent you and just literally L.O.L. with your target and others; because now you have another special and fun memory together! Don’t worry, your identity will not be revealed to them unless you had asked us otherwise.

Example Scenarios

These are just some ideas from the unlimited possibilities and occasions! Remember, when ordering, you just need to know who you may want to target. We help you plan the prank call from scratch and unleash our best suited voice acting comedian(s). We don’t make call scripts, just general notes ( secret weapons ) to help us make the conversation flow and to get epic reactions out of them.

  1. “Hello ____, I found you on _____ and _____ !”
  2. A very sexy _____ calling for no strings attached fun!
  3. “Congratulations _____ _____ you’re live on radio for a contest!”
  4. “I’ve been sleeping with/seeing your _____!”
  5. “You damaged my _____!”
  6. Creepy stalker that knows everything about them!
  7. Virus removal help from an adult site visit!
  8. Casting couch for a local adult studio!
  9. “Your friend _____ didn’t pay for _____ and you are a co-signer!”
  10. “I tracked down _____ ( or we can say your  _____ ) online and _____ !”

Call Ending Sample

Call Ending Sample Alternative

Hello From Some of our Comedians

“Calling you about your dating site payment!”

A Simple Live DJ For A Birthday

“Plan my bizarre wedding!”

A network dedicated to our favourite prank calls by others and a large archive of our previous prank calls are coming very soon along with our mobile apps. If you have already ordered a prank call, you can allow us to publish them by contacting us!
Brilliant! How Much Is It?


We believe in transparency, perhaps it’s because our customers love our prank call services all year round, seriously! Here are the latest genuine feedback we had received. If you’re a returning visitor, clear your cookies if you don’t see new ones.

Hahaha that was ridiculous! She totally fell for it and I could see her going berserk. Thanks guys!P: Torren T, Texas.
Man… I knew this was a joke, but you guys made it super convincing and I thought I was going insane….V: Terry W, New Jersey.
FML…. I cannot believe I feel for that! Ohhhh mah god…..V: Rodrigo L, Toronto.
Tres bon! Sweet heart, you had me there for a second, but I knew she wouldn’t do that hahaha.V: Emily, Montreal.
Dayyyuuumm DANIEL! Eksan totally fell for it haha! Your voice actor was on point with the voice, thanks again!P: Anastashia A, Virginia.
Oh yea, he better have not! We were planning on getting married soon. I guess this strengthened our love, weird….LOLV: Chris T, San Fransisco.

Prank Call Plans

We stand behind our services 100%! We provide 100% refunds if you’re not satisfied! See our refund policy.

Tiny Tease


USD Per Order
  • 3 Minutes Max
  • Timed To The Day
  • Target Within North America
  • Great Comedian
  • Recording Can Be Uploaded For Easy Sharing
  • Great Reaction Guaranteed

Evil Genius


USD Per Order
  • No Time Limit
  • Precise Timing
  • Target Globally
  • Top Comedian
  • Recordings Can Be Uploaded For Easy Sharing
  • Pranked With Sound Effects
  • Insane Calls Guranteed
  • Order Prioritized Higher
  • 10% Off Of Future Requests
  • Can Watch The Calls Live
  • Recieve An Evil Genius Certificate Paper

Order A Prank Call For Free

We know that not everyone is able to purchase our services. So now, you have the chance to win an Evil Essentials plan for free. Every week, we will be awarding our top 5 supporters the chance to setup a prank on someone they know! Enter your info below to join the waiting list! Remember, you can use your special link or the share buttons to increase your chance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These should answer all of your questions, if not, please contact us!

There are many friends, co-workers, couples and families who actively use our service to create unique memories. We’ve also been asked to test their target’s boundaries, their trust/love/friendship, to see if their spouses are cheating. Our customers love to use us for various other occasions as well, such as someone’s birthday, graduation, wedding, life achievement, recent epic fail, to get revenge for something, to just tease them and much more! Currently, we are also the ONLY service out there that delivers such stellar service. Whenever you feel like you or someone you know needs a good laugh, hit us up! We’re always here to rock and roll 🙂

Overall, this service is supposed to deliver a fun and harmless joke on someone you know. When telling us about a potential target, make sure that it is someone who can take it. If you think they are a sleeping bear, don’t poke them and don’t use this service on them!

We are one of the only, if not the best prank calling service that fully customizes the prank calls; this is achieved through stellar customer service, hiring the best comedians with voice acting talents ( hard to find ), working around the clock to constantly improve services, etc… All requests are labor intensive, so our customers and we believe that our pricing is fair. See us as that premium ice cream that is totally worth every penny 😉 .

We are so confident that you will like our service that, we will refund you ( see our refund policy ) if we do not get some kind of a reaction out of your target ( Like if they just hang up, or catch on to our plans too quickly ).

As for the Evil Genius plan… we request for your mailing address and send you a beautiful official certification paper that is customized to you; claiming that you are an absolute Evil Genius! Totally worth bragging rights online and for your wall!

If they do not pick up, then we will call back at another time, up to 3-5 times. Then we will ask you to give us another target or keep the payment as credits for future requests. We will not leave a voicemail, as that’s no fun 😉
We are so confident that you will LOVE our service that, we will fully refund you in store credits ( if you already have an account with us, we just won’t charge your account ) if we do not get some kind of reaction out of your target ( like if they just hang up, or catch on to our plans before too quickly ). Same thing, if we are unable to reach your target after multiple attempts. You can then use these credits for future orders or other products we offer.

You will only receive your money back instead of store credits if you have purchased the Evil Genius prank call plan.

No, unlike every other service out there, every prank call we unleash is personalized to your target and the theme of the discussion is closely related to the plan we had devised. All calls are made live by our voice actors ( Which is why you can watch us live on Snap Chat as we punk them 🙂 ), they are NOT BOTS or pre-recorded scenarios. This way, each prank will feel scary real and genuine, giving them a bigger scare! Furthermore, since it is a real person, the call will be dynamic and the chances of them catching onto our plans are very unlikely.
We will do our absolute best to hit the time you had specified ( If you chose Tiny Tease, we would try to execute it as soon as possible ). If we are unable to reach them, we will contact you and try the prank call again.
Comedians are thoroughly screened staff members who executes the prank calls. They have a background in some form of comedy ( Radio, Stand Up, Writing etc… ) and are sure to make you and your target laugh!

Most of our comedians are voice actors as well. They are professionals who can crack a joke in most circumstances and can manipulate their voices according to specific requests. So if you want a really angry grandpa to call your victim, we can make that believable.

All of our comedians are standing by and executing calls one by one. They will be assigned orders per prank call request; so that the most appropriate one can execute our devised prank call plan.

At first, it was, but after the OVERWHELMING amount of awesome feedback we had received, our company added more support for it to continue. And now, we love the prank call business as we can see how much happiness it brought to both parties; consistently. We can now mess with people and play fun jokes all year round.
Although this is a prank call gag service, we take our service professionalism and security very seriously.

Our entire network is secured by one of the strongest SSLs, SHA-256 with RSA Encryption issued by Comodo. All aspects of the network are connected through https ( can confirm by looking at your web address bar for the padlock ) connections. Additionally, all payments are processed by PayPal™, one of the most recognized and trusted payment processors ( which means we don’t handle or see the payment stuff, we just get the prank request info). In addition to this, our site is intelligently coded to prevent any kind of funny business ( the bad and scary ones) 🙂 .

Our network is also very frequently monitored and secured by Sucuri Oh and things don’t just end here, on top of all this, once your order is sent to us, it is processed by another notable and secure network, so that your information is always safe. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

To reinstate:

Custom Prank Call’s entire network is actively

Additionally, our company and SSL ( secure connection ) is verified and powered by industry leading

SSL Certificate

You can confirm this by looking at the green lock in your browser.

Furthermore, we do not share any of your personal information with any third parties. Learn more about how serious we take security, your privacy and service professionalism in our F.A.Q..

Got more questions or comments? We’re always online, just ring us at 1-866-666-6029, email [email protected] or live chat with us.

Believe it or not but we are entrepreneurs with goals of leaving many positive impacts in the world. Our company is incorporated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We take on various projects and do all sorts of awesome stuff. Currently, we are partnering with some of the best comedians and voice actors to offer truly unique prank-service on this platform. Visit our mother company here Dilyar.Ca.
Absolutely! As long as you chose Evil Essentials or Mastermind Prank Call Plans.
Please check your spam folder in your email, if not please contact us.
We are always in need of expanding our voice acting comedians team. With competitive wages, fun team environments, working remotely, this career position is irresistible and competitive! If you are interested, please contact us! Let’s put a smile on other’s faces one prank call at a time, together! Our hiring page is coming soon!
Thank-you very much for wanting to cover Custom Prank Call! We are in the midst of putting together a press kit for you all, it should be ready soon. You can also email [email protected] for all the resources and information you need along wth interview requests and any other inquiries, Thank-you!
Absolutely, 100%, complete, fo shizzles!

We are currently located in Canada and operate within Canada and United States Of America. Our top notch lawyers have triple checked the services we offer to assure that they are completely legal, we operate ethically and what our customers sets us up to are legal ( as long as they follow our T.O.S ).

Our talented voice actors can pull off various hilarious prank call scenarios as long as they are within reasonable and legal limits.

In saying yes to our T.O.S. ( Terms of Service ) you agree that under no circumstances you and your target (s) are able to sue our company or mother company. Furthermore you acknowledge that you are responsible for any negative repercussions with your target as a result of the order.

They are meant to be harmless and entertaining for the both parties. Pranks are supposed to BE FUN. Like the old fashion jokes; they are not intended to harm anyone, cause emotional distress, or any other negative outcome. If it ever was to occur it is never our intentions and we do not take any liability.

In using Custom Prank Call, the individual who requested the prank call and agreed to our T.O.S ( Terms of Service ) will own up to the full responsibility, if any issues are to arise as a result of the prank. We merely execute the prank calls, and we are not responsible for any repercussions of the calls (Like if they were to get a heart attack). So please chose your targets wisely, as warned multiple times, do not chose a target who cannot take a joke ( and if you do not know them that well ).

If your target lives in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, or Washington in United States of Amerca, we must let them know that the prank call was recorded. They will have the option to ask us to not give the prank call recording to the person that targeted them. In this case, we have to obey them and you will not receive a refund of any sort.

You can review legal claims here and T.O.S here as we follow the same guidelines. For official claims, please contact us.
You can email at
[email protected] ( We usually reply within 12 hours! ), call us at 1-866-666-6029 or click the live chat button to your left at anytime!

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